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Neapolitan proverbs


A 'casa d''o ferrro 'o spito 'e lignmme.
When something misses where instead it should be.

A' altare sgarrupto nun s'appicciano cannle.
To the old women you do not simper.

A' bella 'e ciglie, tutte 'a vonno e niscuiuno s''a piglia.
The very beautiful girls are courted by everybody but nobody thinks about marrying them, fearing that for their attractiveness, they have had previous experiences or can have them in the future.

'A bona mercanzia trova pristo a ghj pe' 'n'utria via.
All the beautiful and good things always find who desires them and takes them.

A buono cavallo nun le manca sella.
Anybody lets escape a favorable occasion or a good business.

A buono 'ntennitrepoche parole.
Who wants to understand he can also intend with a simple sign or indication, with a half word, etc. 

'A capa 'e sotta fa perdere 'a capa 'e cppa.
Sex makes you lose your head

'A casa cu' ddje porte 'o divulo s''a porta!
Because it offers greater chances to the love intrigues of every consort. 

'A casa d''o jucatore nun c' utro che dolore.
Because generally the vice of the game leads to the poverty sooner or later.

A cavallo rialto nun se guarda 'mmcca.
Every gift, even if modest, always has an intrinsic value and so it has always to be well accepted and appreciated.

Accde cchi 'a lengua ca 'a spata.
The backbitings are more terrible than the weapons.

A chignere 'nu muorto so' lcreme prze.
Who is dead is dead and the tears are useless.

'A chi nun tene figlie nun gh n pe' denare n pe' cunziglie.
The person who doesn't have children is not able to know or to understand the problems and other people's necessities.

A chi pazza cu' 'o ciuccio nun le mancano cuce.
Who keeps bad company has to bear the consequences. 

A chi troppo s'acla 'o culo se vede.
Who humbles himself in an excessive way he/she makes the others understand his/her lack of character and, therefore, his/her nonentity. 

'A cicala canta, canta e po' schitta.
The superficial people enjoy themselves continually and then they have a bad end. 

'A collera fatta a cuppo e chi s''a piglia se schiatta 'ncurpo.
To get irritated is at damage of the person who becomes angry.

'A cunfidenza 'a mamma d''a mala crinza.
Too confidence sometimes provoques the dissoluteness. 

Add c' gusto nun c' perdenza.
If a thing is made with pleasure is not important if to realize it or to have it is necessary to make some sacrifices or to spend some money.

Add 'nce stanno fmmene, 'nce stanno appecceche e chiacchiere.
Because that is their peculiarity. 

Add vje truve guje.
Unfortunately the world is afflicted with thousand and thousand of troubles and everyone  has his trouble. 

A dicere so' tutte capace; 'o defficile a ff.
Between saying and making there is the sea in the middle. 

'A famma fa asc 'o lupo da 'u bosco.
The need can also induce the men to carry out bad actions. 


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