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  Brief profile on the legislative evolution of the tourism

The concept of tourism as fact prominently natural, reserved to few people who had a cultural base, a spirit of adventure, a real curiosity and  the necessary financial means, has changed, due to reasons of different order, and it was replaced by that one of social need reserved to the nobility and to the middle class.  
Up to that, recognized the economic value of the phenomenon, the  Italian State  decided to control it.   
The Regal Decree  15/4/1926 ns. 765, converted in Law  01/7/1926 ns. 1380, links the tourism to the essential importance that the contest of the foreigners determines to the local economy, in everyone or in some seasons of the year in order to care, stay or relaxation.
Such law gave start to the constitution of the Autonomous Local Tourist Offices determining the characters, the competences, the operation and their territorial limits.
Particularly the head III of the Law pointed out the parts of financing that were individualized:
- In the tax of stay.  
- In the special contribution of care.  
- In the special contribution on the relaxation and entertainment. 

With the constitution of the Ministry of the Tourism and Spectacle to the senses of the Law  31/7/1959 ns. 617 one provided, besides, to rearrange the tourist peripheral organization through the  Decree President  Republic  27/8/60 ns. 1042 for the Autonomous Local Tourist Offices and D.P.R.  27/8/60 ns. 1044 for the Provincial Tourist Authority.  

These measures, also preserving the structure and the philosophy of the preceding law, they pruned the bureaucratic part making the corporate bodies most efficient and operational. So, in the over 40 years of life, the Offices have produced the results that the law had prearranged, as shows the high-level which the tourism has reached.  

The institution of the Region Authority and the passage to it of the powers in subject of tourism with the D.P.R.  14/1/72 ns. 6 and then with the D.P.R.  24/7/77 ns. 616 , but mainly the changed environmental, economic, cultural needs, make essential to proceed to a further revision of the subregional tourist organization.  

So the State, even if it recognizes the power of the Regions to legislate in the subject of the tourism, it has considered suitable to give some general indications, valid in the whole national territory, with the purpose to give a new order to the organization, in homogeneous way, to avoid disconcertment and disorientation in the guests.  

So it was born the Law  17/5/1983 ns. 217, known as "Legge Quadro sul Turismo", and with it in some regions started the reorganization, creating the Regional Tourist Promotions Offices.  
Such Law has been re-formulated with that one of the  29/3/2001 n. 135, with the title "Reform of the national legislation of the tourism". At the art. 5 of the quoted Law 135/01 are defined the local tourist systems, which represent the natural evolution of the present Italian peripheral tourist organization, so individualized.

ART.  5 (Local Tourist systems)

Respecting the limits foreseen by the community discipline in subject of State’s helps to the firms, the Regions, in the limits of the resources placed by the Fund of the art. 6 of the present law, define the formalities and the measure of the funding of projects of development of the local tourist systems, predisposed by public or private subjects, in single or in associated form, that pursue, in particular, the following aims:  
a) to sustain activity and processes of aggregation and integration among the tourist enterprises, also in cooperative, syndicate and affiliation form;  
b) current intersectional and infrastructural interventions necessary to the qualification of the tourist offer and to the urban and territorial requalification of the places with high-intensities of tourist-receptive installations;  
c) to sustain the technological innovation of the offices of information and of reception to the tourists with particular respect to the promotion of the standards of the services to the tourist, of which to the art. 2, Comma 4 letter a);  
d) to sustain the requalification of the tourist firm, with priority for the adjustments due to normative safety, for the classification and the standardization of the tourist services, with particular reference to the development of marks of quality, of ecological and quality certification, and of club of product, as well as to the guardianship of the image of the local tourist product;  

e) to promote the data transmission marketing  of the typical tourist projects, to optimize the relative marketing in  Italy and in the foreign countries.   

Also the Region Campania, with the own Law  25/8/1987 ms. 37, proceeded to rearrange the tourist organization of  Campania.  
Various legislative initiatives, assumed by the Regional Councillors to the Tourism, who are alternated as soon as in the delegation, got bogged down for the missed stabilization of a final norm of national address, that could direct definitely the regional legislator.  

The spaces are defined by the came into force of the national law n. 135 of  29/3/2001 and the introduction of the local tourist systems opens new perspectives of operation and permanent adjustment to the needs of the tourist market.  

Then, the right immission of the private subjects makes stable and certified the tourist offer in Campania, guaranteeing to the operators continuity of action and flexibility in the acceptance of the demands of the tour operators and above all of those of the single tourists.


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