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  Brief history of the local tourist office of the city of naples

The Autonomous Local Tourist Office of the city of Naples was constituted in1951, following the Decree of the Minister of the Interior together with the Minister of Finance that recognized to the whole territory of the Commune in Naples the qualification of Station of Care Stay and Tourism.  
In date 21 March of the same year the Prefect of Naples constituted the Committee of Administration of the Office with representatives of the ENIT, of the Italian Touring Club, of the Provincial Council of Health, of the general association of the Commerce, of the Hotels and of the pensions, of the Industrialists of the Province of Naples and the Town administration. 
During the 50 years that go from the date of constitution to today the Office has realized an intense activity in service of the city of Naples, for the increase of the movement of the foreigners and for the improvement and the tourist development of the city, for centuries at the first place among the favourite destinations of the travellers of every part of the world.  
The Tourist Office, in detail, has promoted and also realized demonstrations, shows and initiatives of tourist interest also with the aid of other corporate bodies, it has taken care of the propaganda of the knowledge of the place, it has establish services of tourist assistance, has promoted initiatives to the construction, to the institution and the improvement of installations and communications of prevailing tourist interest, it has developed an intense activity for the exploitation of the landscape and the artistic and historical heritage of Naples.  
The presence of the office already in the first 20 years of its constitution has been a constant in the city cultural fabric.  

Its patient work, turns to the revaluation of the cultural heritage of the city of  Naples, as certify the interventions for the music, the isolation of the Basilica of S. Chiara, the cribs, has put the tourist office to the first place in the engagement of people who confided in the same strategy, from the artistic Superintendencies to the Institutes of Culture, from the Universities to the Institutions.  
The results have been immediate favoring the immediateness of the slogan of the first great promotional campaign which hasn’t been forgotten: " Europe before elsewhere went to  Naples: Come to Naples there is a great part of you."(Europa prima che altrove è passata a  Napoli, vieni a  Napoli c’è una grande parte di te). 

The results arrived but they were weakened by the seism of 1980 that however it didn't stop the initiatives but gave a meaningful role. 
Here is the "Poster of the writers" who wanted to unite themselves to the office in its politics of raising considering it precious and the only one able to incisive and lasting results.  
Here are the shows "Civilization of 1600", "Caravaggio", "Civilization of 1700."  
Here 1981 the guided visits to the Ancient Centre with thousand of places unveiled and illustrated by experts of great fame.
There are the cultural twinnings with  Venice, the cycles of concerts with Roberto De Simone in the most beautiful Neapolitan churches, the International Musical Weeks between Villa Pignatelli and the Theatre S. Carlo, led and directed by the Teacher Salvatore Accardo. 
All this activity brought to a recovery of the levels of tourist flow anterior to the earthquake dissipating an image of  Naples that had cancelled the city of  Naples by the tourist itineraries.
The road was right and the Tourist Office continued in that direction: Shows in the foreign  countries, stands in various European countries, in the United States (crib prepared in the 5th street), the great show of Pulcinella finally introduced not as marionette or buffoon but as a character loved by Voltaire and Tiepolo that is to say "Mask of the World."  
Historical concerts to the  Museum of  Capodimonte, the itineraries of the Neapolitan theatre from the '500 to today, cycles of   Italy on stage in  New York , the Neapolitan Christmas in  Paris. 
An intense promotional activity with books, brochures in million of samples, stratified maps of Naples, catalogues, advertising campaigns on daily papers and Italian and foreign periodicals have constituted the tools of the activity of the Tourist office to exalt the cultural recalls in Naples, from the Museums to the handicrafts, from the music to the theatre, to the congressional fervor.  
The monthly magazine "Qui Napoli" edited by the tourist office since 1981, has become an essential instrument of those who ask information and useful news on the city of  Naples.  

The reception to the Italian and foreign tourists insured through the Information offices situated in the most beautiful zones in Naples, has started with the opening of that one in Piazza del Gesù Nuovo in the Ancient Centre of Naples, that can be considered the most extraordinary agglomerated of style that a historical city can boast, a variety that have no equal in the world, and it is subsequently continued with the opening of the office in via S. Carlo, in the narrow lane of the Gallery Umberto I°, in front of the Theatre S. Carlo and in via Santa Lucia, 107, in the zone of the great Hotels on the seafront of Naples.
The intervention of the office in the field of the project has been always constant,  you can think about the restauration of Castel dell’Ovo, to the proposals of the Palace of the Congresses and the expansion of the "Streets of the sea."  
            In the last decade the tourist office after a period of stasis owed to the cut of the government contributions has taken up again its activity on precise impulse of the Region Campania of which the office is an instrumental corporate body to the light of the underlined need to confer to the Tourist Corporate bodies a meaningful role of impulse in the elaboration of a tourist politics.  
            To the light of this need, the office during the year 2001, also in forecast of the 50° Anniversary of its Constitution, has developed an intense promotional activity, to strengthen the image of Naples in Italy and in the foreign countries and to publicize its immense cultural resources, that make it an unique city in the world.  
            This activity is expressed, in connection with the Councillorship to the Regional Tourism, in a series of demonstrations, of great cultural importance, some of these organize directly by the office with the collaboration of other institutions and others organized by Institutes, public and private Corporate bodies with the collaboration of the office; demonstrations that have received a whole unanimous consent of public, with great promotional prominence from the mass media.  
            Among the first ones is important to remember the melodious show in the Villa Comunale, in the Harmonic Box on the occasion of the Feast of the Woman, the concert of sacred music "From the passion to the glory of the 3° millennium" in the Church of the SS. Apostles and the concert of Neapolitan classical songs "The voices of Naples", in the Courtyard of honour of Royal Palace during the "May of the Monuments 2001", the "Naples Blues Festival" always in the Royal Palace; among the seconds are remembered the Show "Naples Liberty" to Castel Nuovo, the “52° Gran Premio della Lotteria of Agnano", the Show on "Raffaele Viviani" and the show on the "Italian Design" both in the Royal Palace.   
            The promotional initiatives described are not exhaustive of the activity that the office develops regarding the other institutional assignments assigned for law such as the guardianship of the artistic heritage and street furniture, the propaganda, the hospitality and the representation, the press of advertising material, the participation and the organization of congresses, shows etc.; the press of the monthly magazine “Qui Napoli", the updating of the web site of the Tourist Office.  
            It is important to say that the office has developed these assignments, not secondary, with renewed rush and constant connection with the institutional Corporate bodies.
            From the beginning of the year 2001, in fact, the office has given hospitality in its own places to press conferences of presentation of varied and important demonstrations, with the presence of institutional representatives and regional, provincial and town Authorities (Lecture ALTS for the struggle to the Tumors, European championships of Bridge, Convention Social Tourisme, Tour Bike of  Campania, Audio Guides Tiberio, Demonstrations for the 2 of June , Lecture AIDDA, Scholarships European Journalists, Giffoni Film Festival, Sergio Leone Prize, Underwater Record of Pellizzari, etc.).  

            More and more frequent the representatives of the Delegations world ENIT have required to the office, hospitality and assistance for correspondents of prestigious headings, network and specialized magazines; for report and editorial services on our city, that confirms whereas there was the need of it, the renewed and meaningful interest for  Naples.  

            The Tourist Office, is realizing of agreement with the Commune, a monitoring on the system of city tourist signs for a renovation of the road signs tables and indicators of the most important monuments, to renew and to adjust the same ones to the norms CEE.  
            The Tourist Office, is often invited to the presentation of prestigious demonstrations that take place in our city, that attests the prestige renewed by the corporate body and its undisputed value within the Neapolitan tourism.  

            To underline, finally it is the agreement with the other Firms of the Region Campania, with which different initiatives are developed, among which the seminar: "Reflections of the Euro on the Budget of the Tourist Corporate body", reserved to all the Firms and E.P.T. of  Campania.  
            The monthly magazine "Qui Napoli", edited by the Local Tourist Office, become essential instrument for people who want to have news on our city, the operators of the sector in  Italy  and abroad. The same publication arrived to the 20 year of life has been proposed with greater news about the demonstrations that take place in the month in Naples, with the project to insert an insert which indicates the most important tourist appointments that there are in our city during the year. The monthly magazine is also distributed to the Local Police Officers of Naples that operate in the most famous city tourist zones; analogous distribution is made to the Neapolitan taxi drivers and to the greatest Companies of navigation, whose prestigious cruise ships regularly make port in our city.  

            The renewed world interest for Naples, with the organization of congress, shows, meeting, etc. has always asked for the press of a greater quantity of advertising material, among which the maps guides of Naples, illustrative depliants of monuments, briefcases, shoppers, posters of Naples with photos of eminent photographers, publications,  some stratified plans of the Ancient Centre, that all have been realized with great care and quality.
            From the beginning of the year 2002, the Local Tourist Office is present with its own site in Internet, whose pages of easy and rapid consultation, allows to a world public to have detailed information on our city and on the events that take place in it. The site is continually updated to answer to the question in the best way possible, also furnishing news through the electronic mail.  

            Currently a restructuring of the web site of the Tourist Office is in progress, www.inaples.it, that will be endowed with more motors of search, so that the same becomes a real portal of the tourism in  Naples.  
            The Local Tourist Office is besides leader of a technological promotional system denominated Tourist Headmasters, which includes the Tourist Corporate body of Pompei,  Caserta and  Salerno and offers assistance and information to the user with the qualification of the tourist offer towards the carriers of handicaps. This system is in phase of completion and it will become operative in 2003 according to the indications that the Region Campania will give about its management.  

            The next objective of the office in this field is the guardianship of the tourist; his personal safety, the reliability of the services offered in the tourist system and giving responsibility to the professional categories and the citizens. In fact the Department Tourism of the Ministry of the Productive Activities has chosen two cities of the South to experiment actions finalized to the constitution of one "Counter Safety for the Tourist."  

            Naples will be the first city to activate this project. This makes the tourist office proud for the advantages that  Naples will receive of it and for the recognition of the work till now developed by the Local Tourist Office.

            During the year 2002, the office on the occasion of the 50 Anniversary of its constitution has planned different demonstrations, of agreement with the Region, the Commune, the Superintendency to the Environmental and Architectural Properties in Naples, the Suburb of the Jewelers, that here they are specified:  

1. Theatre of Court in the  Royal Palace

Concert of closing Christmas events and New Year's eve 2001/2002 -31/01/2002

Award ceremony for the competitions held by the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Handicraft in  Naples.

2. Press campaign for the 50th Anniversary of the Tourist Office. Lectures, publicity and manifestoes.

3. Galaxy Gutemberg - 14-18/02/2002

Stands with publishing material of the Tourist Office.

4.  Press campaign "The Sea washes  Naples"

press conference near the centre of the foreign press in  Rome - Production of brochure and multimedia CD

February 2002 - Rome

5. Institute  Grenoble – VII International Festival of Francophone High school Theatre. Show of mimes and inaugural concert.

25 - 27/02/2002

6. In collaboration with the Superintendency for the Architectural Goods, show of Neapolitan songs in the  Royal Palace with images of monumental sites of  Naples, in television connection with the transmission "La vita in diretta", in the month of February 2002.

7.  Demonstration Museum to the  Museum of  San Martino in occasion of May of Monuments.

8. Show of Neapolitan art, culture and gastronomy in a gallery of art to Sanremo in occasion of the 52nd Festival of the Italian song.

9. International saloon of the Comic strips – Castel Sant’Elmo, 8 - 10/03/2002

 Preparation and prizes to the winners of the demonstration "Comicon."

10.       In collaboration with the National Library of Naples, representation of some famous penal trials held in our city, with the intervention of illustrious penologists and judges.

11.       Show of Neapolitan songs in the Theatre of Court in the Royal Palace in the occasion of the Congress "Degenerative Illnesses of the nervous system" in collaboration with the Department of Neurological Sciences of the university of Naples and with the Superintendency to the Monuments, in date 31/05/2002

12.       Melodious show in the month of May 2002 in Piazzetta Matilde Serao and Piazzetta Ponte di Tappia, with the title "Chist’ è ò mese d’è rrose", with parades in custom of epoch, Neapolitan classical songs and the presence of famous artists.

13.       In the occasion of the "May of the Monuments" and in collaboration with the Commune of   Naples, commemorative Concert-show of the Movements of the Neapolitan’600, in Piazza Mercato in date  01/06/2002.

14.       Tourist promotional interventions in the occasion of the Show "Images from Ground Zero" organized in the  Royal Palace by the Embassy and American Consulate.

15.       Inauguration of the Library Brancacciana restored in the Ancient Centre of Naples, in collaboration with the National Library of Naples.

16.       Musical event in the summer 2002 with the show of the most important living artist blues " B. B. King", accompanied by a great orchestra in the arena Flegrea inside the Mostra d’Oltremare, in date 10/07/2002.

17.       II  Edition of "Naples Blues Festival", on the terraces of the Maschio Angioino with the collaboration of the association Musicant, in date 19 and 20 July 2002.

18.       Promotional events in the occasion of the Christmas for the ancient Suburb of the Jewelers of  Naples.

19.       Promotional concert in occasion Italo-Hungarian days near the National Library of Naples in the  Royal Palace - November 11/12 2002.

20.       In collaboration with the university of Naples, Department Philosophy of tourist promotional interventions of the Tourist Office for the guests of the Scientific International Conference - 27 -30/09/2002.

21.       Collaboration of the Tourist Office to the realization of the VI National Congress S.I.G.I.T.E. with tourist promotional interventions.

 Royal Palace of  Naples 03 - 06/10/2002.

22.       Demonstrations on the occasion of the 250 Anniversary of the discovery of the Papyruses of Ercolano in collaboration with the  university of  Naples and the National Library. 19 -  21/10/2002.

23.       Evening of gala in the Halls of the  Meridian in the Archaeological Museum of Naples on the occasion of the Conference of the Italian Mayors (A.N.C.I.) in our city.

24.       Tourist promotional interventions and of gastronomic products in occasion demonstration "Teachers of cuisine and executive chef" organized in the Royal Palace December 3 rd 2002 by the Italian Federation Cooks.

 Concert of songs gospel in the Basilica of Piedigrotta and Santa Chiara with famous American and Neapolitan artists in the Christmas festivities.


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