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church of saint maria la nova  
via santa maria la nova n.44

telephone: 081/5523298


09,00-12,00 (holiday)

The demolition of the ancient church was necessary to flatten the zone where it was found and to allow to erect the Castle (known as Maschio Angioino or Castelnuovo). To indemnify the Franciscan the same monarch financed the construction of the new complex that began in 1279. Destroyed at the end of the Sixteenth century, the complex of Saint Maria La Nova was rebuilt. The marvelous cloister, with entrance at the beginning of via dei Banchi Nuovi, it is currently center of the Provincial Council of Naples and it is one of the most splendid examples of religious medieval architecture. The church, with the entrance at the end of a staircase in piperno, it has the inside to Latin cross with an only aisle and lateral chapels we will find the choir, the dome, the ceiling and numerous canvas, among which those "of the Assumption" realized by Francesco Imparato, "the crowning" by Fabrizio Santafede, "Maria's Gloria" made by Francesco Curia and other smaller works realized by Luigi Rodriguez and Belisario Corenzio. Other works are "the Twelve Virtues" of Nicola Malinconico, "the Crucifixion" of Marco Pino and "the Ecce Homo" of Giovanni da Nola. To the works and the decorations contributed also artists as Girolamo Santacroce, Massimo Stanzione, Battistello Caracciolo, Luca Giordano and Girolamo Di Auria.





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