industrial artistic museum "palizzi"  
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The Museum keeps the best works realized by the students of the school and a considerable collection of ancient ceramics. Among these there are some rare examples of glazed ceramics as the statues of Egyptian divinity that go from the X century B.C. to the Tolemaica age. On the right wall of the first room can be admired panels and covering tiles of Persian, Turkish and Sirian production; at the inside are exposed Dutch, German and Spanish products, and the French ceramics of the '700, but the greatest space is reserved to the Italian production, particularly to the southern manufactures. The most interesting section of the museum is that one which presents fragments of floorings of Neapolitan churches that go from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth century, among which are remembered the tiles coming from the floor of the Chapel Brancaccio in Sant'Angelo a Nilo and a whole floor coming from a church of the Ischitano council of Forio ad Ischia. The Neapolitan ceramic is also represented by the splendid china for pharmaceutical use.




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