Ancient Naples


vomero and antignano - between the renaissance and the liberty  

The name of the district derives from the use of the "vomere",an utensil used for ploughing the fields. Up to 1884, year of the cholera, the Vomero was settled as place of holiday and represented in paintings and photoes, even the poet Pontano chose it for the salubriousness of the air. After 1885 following the architectural tendencies of Enrico Alvino, the zone is developed according to a chessboard scheme and most of the buildings has a Neorenaissance or Liberty style. At the top of the hill we find Largo San Martino from which it is possible to admire the Angevin fortress of Castel Sant' Elmo and the Charterhouse of San Martino, monastic installation of 1300 in whose inside can be admired the Church and works realized by L. Giordano, G.Ribera, A.Vaccaro, Stanzione, Fanzago. Along via Cimarosa you can reach Villa Floridiana, a great public park, so called because of its owner, the duchess of Floridia, wife of Ferdinando I of Borbone; today to the interior of the panoramic palace is possible to visit the National Museum of the Ceramics Duke of Martina where are preserved splendid collections of ceramics, of jewels and paintings. Walking along the streets of the Vomero we can admire numerous small villas in liberty style as well as the little square of the ancient village of Antignano, of which some lines of the native roads and the Church of San Gennaro ad Antignano are preserved, founded according to tradition in the place where it occurred the first liquefaction of the blood of the patron of the city. The Vomero is not only a district rich in history and monuments but also a famous commercial centre.


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