museum of the astronomic observatory  
via moiariello n.16

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Realized in 1819 on the hill Miradois, in the zone of Capodimonte, its construction, that had the consultancy of F.Zuccari and G.Pazzi, was wanted by Ferdinando I of Borbone to promote the scientific activities in the city; such worth is recognized him by a dedication that can be read on the pediment of the building. The façade is characterized by a neoclassic pronao and by windows and semi circular openings while the original structure had two wings covered with two silvered domes. With the amplification happened during this century have been added two brief bodies. On a large semicircular balcony there are three domes and the tools of observation. From the balcony is possible to admire besides a good panorama of the city and this splendid position increases the charm of the building.



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