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In environments next to the cloister of the convent of St. Marcellino, realized in the Sixteenth century, there are fossils, animals and vegetables coming from Italy and from other countries; lithic manufactured articles and in ceramics of the age of the iron; weapons and utensils in ossidiana of the age of the bronze recovered in the Grotta of the Felci to Capri. Among the collections, there are also those of the mammals of the caves of Cassino and of Campagna, those of the Invertebrates coming from the southern provinces and the splendid collection of fishes fossils coming from three layers of Campania. They deserve to be remembered the three ittiosauris of the Lias of the Wuttemberg (Germany), an almost complete skeleton of Sirenide of the miocene, a skull of Elephas antiquus italicus and a sample of fossil palm of the eocene.


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