theatre bellini  
via conte di ruvo n.17

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10,30-13,30/16,30-19,30 (holiday)
closed on Monday

The Theatre Bellini was realized in 1864 near the Largo delle Fosse del Grano, near Port'Alba. In 1869 it was completely destroyed by a fire but reconstructed on project of the architect Sorgente in the current position. A new fire developed in 1977 and this determined a strong crisis, so it had to close in 1980 after the earthquake. In 1988 it has been renewed and returned to its theatrical function. The façade is very beautiful and inside are preserved the busts of great Neapolitan musicians as Cimarosa, Paisiello, Pergolesi, Scarlatti and Bellini. To Bellini was given the first absolute of the "Carmen" of Bizet, while its scenes have been stamped on by great companies of prose as those of Scarpetta, Viviani and De Filippo.


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