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8.30 - 19.30
8.30 - 19.30 (holiday)
closed on Monday

The current centre of the Museum and the National Galleries of Capodimonte rose in 1743 wanted by Charles of Borbone, the task to build the Royal Palace was given to Giovanni Antonio Medrano and Antonio Canevari, while to Ferdinando Sanfelice was given the task to realize the great Park, with the botanical part submitted to Denhardt, the person in charge of the Botanical garden. The splendid site, that dominates the oriental part of the city from the hill of Capodimonte, constitutes one of the most important Baroque and Rococo references in Naples. It is made up with the Villa of the Princes, the building of the Manufacture of the Porcelains, the grandiose Palace surrounded by the Park, the Chapel of St. Gennaro, the Faggianeria, the Casina of the Queen and the hermitage of the Cappuccinis.




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