cribs of the museum of s.martino  
largo san martino n. 5

telephone: 081/5781769
fax: 081/5781769
entry (indicative): euro 4.91 (full fare) - euro 4.13 (reduced fare)


09.00-19.00 (holiday)
closed on Monday

There is a rich collection of single figures of characters, often caricatures as in the 40 deformed shepherds of the legato Carrara, then animals, vegetable elements and accessories; the numerous and elegant scenes of groups. To San Martino there are for all the tastes: the crib hidden within a cork which represents the Temple of Neptune at Paestum, nineteenth-century work of Lorenzo Taglioni; the Carthusian monks' crib, that of majolica Giustiniani, the rich crib Ricciardi linked to the State in 1917 and, with its scenery to three mouths, the famous, immense theater of Cuciniello, whose donation goes back to 1877, with the vastness of the sky and all the people in the lowest part… then good last the donation Perrone, in 1971 to which are added some purchases, legacies and donations of smaller entity and the precious silver and coral crib, in "under delivery" by the Royal Palace of Caserta since 1948.


wheel chair/reduced mobility: Access to disabled people (possibility of access to the museum, presence of equipped baths)
  how to get there
motorway or state road dall'autostrada:uscita Napoli imboccare la tangenziale uscita Vomero.
train dalla stazione centrale: metropolitana per Montesanto e funicolare adiacente, ultima fermata.
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