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The Neapolitan crib in the public collections is identified with the sections to it dedicated in the Museum of San Martino, mostly coming from private collections. The most ancient nucleus is constituted by the Cuciniello crib, so called by the name of the architect and playwright Michele Cuciniello who personally took care of shepherds' preparation, animals and accessories on a monumental rock in wood, cork, plaster, and terracotta painted to temper. The crib, was publicly inaugurated the 28 th December 1879 among numerous visitors arrived to admire the "translation in Neapolitan dialect of the most beautiful page of the Gospel", according to the words of the same inventor of this spectacular performance that saw to cooperate Cuciniello Luigi Farina for the execution of the rock and the architect Fausto Niccolini, author of the system of natural illumination from the top, as well as the scene-designer Luigi Masi for the paintings of the landscape and the cap of sky. The complex of the crib has suffered during the time a progressive degrade, collided with by a providential restauration in 1966 but the difficulties to operate a correct maintenance to solve the breakdowns created by the inadequate technical solutions of the nineteenth-century project, as well as the lack of organic and contemplated interventions,has caused in 1984 the temporary closing of the rooms of the cribs. Later almost five years a careful work of recovery of the various environments of the ancient Charterhouse freed by superstructures and tamperings, together to a rigorous restauration of characters, animals and accessories, allow a clear and complete vision of the presepialis collections.


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