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The Crib of the Bank of Naples, all original pieces of the '700, that for a while is exposed to the public: now it is in the Royal Palace. The crib of the Bank of Naples, situated in the prestigious Chapel of the Royal Palace in Naples, it is composed of 210 figurines such as shepherds and animals and of 144 accessories coming from prestigious private collections. All the pieces belong to the most radiant period of the presepiale art. Some of the most meaningful samples have been modeled by great sculptors present in Naples in the middle of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XIX century, such as Sanmartino, Francesco and Camillo Celebrano, Angelo Viva, Salvatore Franco and their followers. The crib has been realized according to the forms of the Neapolitan eighteenth-century tradition, which was inspired by the pages of the Gospel. Admiring the composition of the crib can be seen the systematized nativity, in respect to the tradition, among ruins of a profane temple with the allegorical meaning of the triumph of the Christianity on the paganism. Knelt down to the feet of the Child there are the bagpiper, the young king (attributed to Salvatore Franco) and the old king (1797, performed by Francesco Viva). They serve as frame to the scene, on the left, the angel with the censer (1764, made by Francesco Viva) dominated by the angel attributed to Genzano, the other angels, the puttinis and the cherubs. To notice then the scene of the announcement particularly rich in characters and animals, all of valuable realization. In the scene of the tavern can be admired two extraordinary shepherds, called "sciacquanti", sat at the table; the woman, realized by Sanmartino, the man by Gori.



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