Ancient Naples


the sanita’ - among the oldest districts  

The Sanità is one of the oldest and interesting districts in the city; this place was centre of some Roman necropolises still visitable near the Church of Santa Maria della Sanità, the Church of St. Severo, the Church of Santa Maria della Vita and the church of St. Gennaro. This itinerary departs from via delle Crocelle, it is characterized by the presence of many Baroque elements. The first important building that we will find along this run is the church Sant' Aspremo ai Crociferi (1600), reconstructed after having been destroyed from the laves, inside we will find ornaments in Baroque style. Continuing along via delle Vergini we pass for the complex of Santa Maria Succurre Miseris and we arrive in Largo delle Vergini where the Church dei Padri della Missione is found; the Church of Santa Maria delle Vergini (1326) and in front of it there is Palace Spagnolo (1725). At the end of via delle Vergini we arrive to a crossroads, we can continue for via Arena della Sanità or for via dei Cristallini where there is Palace Traetto. If we continue for via Arena alla Sanità we will find Palace Sanfelice, a work realized in 1725 with two scenograficis courtyards; on the sides there are the steps of Sannicandro that will bring us to via della Stella, where there is Palace of Principi di Sannicandro, the Church of Saint Maria della Stella and the desecrated chapel of Sant' Antonio. On the side of Palace Sanfelice there is via Cantigiani, an alley that will lead us to via Santa Maria Antescula where we will find the homonym church which is a Psychiatric Centre today. At the end of this road we will arrive in a little square where there is the church of San Severo; crossing via Sansevero we can find interesting buildings of the sixteenth century and at the end we will arrive in Piazza della Sanità where is situated the Church of Santa Maria della Sanità (1602), which imitate the installation of San Pietro of Rome.


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