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San Gregorio Armeno, with its shops, with its stalls, is the place of the Neapolitan Christmas, the obligatory destination of a sentimental walk to the search of a new piece to put on the crib. San Gregorio Armeno is the crossroad of the Christmas wonder. Also many young people have discovered the ancient art. The techniques are those of old times, but the systems of propaganda are changed. The crib continues to be an infallible judge of the affection of the Neapolitans: only who is very beloved, as Totò, Eduardo, Massimo Troisi, can appear close to Razzullo and Sarchiapone, to Benito, to the musicians. In the last years have appeared in the showcases and on the stalls the figurines of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Lady Diana, even of the stylist Versace; nothing scandalous, because the crib tollerates everything. The famous street S. Gregorio Armeno takes its name from the homonym monasterial complex. Here it is the centre of production and sale of the shepherds. The little street is rich on both the sides of shops/laboratories that invade the road with stalls and various exhibitions. You can find everything: from the "rocks" (rock, is in the Neapolitan lexicon of the cribs the structure of the caves, the landscape) in bark of cork to the motor for the "rivers" and the fountains; from the lamp with battery to the bronze bascula; from the balcony in metal to the fruit in wax; from the minuscule shepherd (moschella) to the shepherd dressed in the XVIII style of half million and more... a true heaven for the presepistis.



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