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500 gr of flour, 180 gr of lard, 40 gr of yeast, 1 spoon and  of parmesan cheese, 1 spoon of Roman pecorino, salt, pepper, 5 eggs with the hull.

Pour flour as a fountain on the table, set to the centre the yeast and dissolve it with some lukewarm water. Unite 50 gr of lard, the salt and work incorporating the flour with lukewarm water till to get a rather soft dough. Work it at least 15 minutes and make it to leaven in a bowl covered with a cloth for an hour and half, slightly flour the table, deflate and beat the dough, flatten a rectangular sheet of dough thick a centimeter, grease it of lard and sprinkle it of parmesan cheese and pepper. Fold up the sheet of dough as a book, smear the superior part of lard, add the parmesan cheese and pepper, fold up again it. Flatten it, grease again it and proceed equally until you will have lard. Then remove a piece of dough, grease it and put to grow it in a cup. You have to wrap the dough so to get a roll. Grease a rather wide ring-shaped mould and put inside the roll, closing it as a big circle and uniting well the extremities. You have to leave for about three hours. Wash the whole eggs with their hull using fresh water and a tooth brush, then dry them. When the casatiello will be grown, support  the eggs to regular intervals with the point turns to the centre of the bun. With the dough of the round loaf form a stick from which you will get 10 segments of pastry. Prepare them two for time, at cross, on every egg and fix the extremities pressing on the surface of the bun. Bake in lukewarm oven. Cook for an hour.


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