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For the dough: 500 gr of flour, 3 whole eggs, 200 gr of sugar, 200 gr of lard. For the stuffing: 420 gr of cooked grain, 100 gr of milk, 30 gr of butter, 700 gr of fresh ricotta, 500 gr of sugar, 5 whole eggs and 2 yolks, a spoon of water of flower of orange, lemon.

To put on the fire in a casserole the cooked grain adding the milk and the butter and the bark grated of a lemon. To heat for about 10 minutes mixing until it becomes cream. To beat, apart, the ricotta with the sugar, the whole eggs and the yolks, the little envelope of vanilla and the water of flowers of orange. To work the dough up to make it very thin. To add a scratching of bark of lemon. To prepare a shortcrust pastry with the flour, the eggs, the sugar and the lard. To make a dough without working too much. To leave it to rest for half an hour, then, to stretch it and to cover a cake tin or several cake tins, distributing the mixture of ricotta uniformly. To decorate the pastiera with strips of shortcrust pastry. To put in oven at moderate fire  for 1 hour until the pastiera will have taken the amber-coloured. To extinguish the oven and to leave the mix withdraws. To dust with sugar to veil. It is excellent also after two or three days.


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