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Pizza rustica


500 gr of flour, 250 gr of butter, salt.For the stuffing: 5 eggs, 100 gr of ham, 300 gr of ricotta, 250 gr of fiordilatte, 50 gr of salami, 80 gr of grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.

Mix the flour with 50 gr of butter, a pinch of salt and some lukewarm water. Work it for 15-20 minutes, then you make to rest the dough for an hour, so work again it for 10 minutes and then let rest an hour. Work it for other 10 minutes and, after a rest of 15 minutes, divide it in four parts. Stretch the dough drawing four squares of it and proceed in the following way: spread the surface of butter softened with a brush, then fold up in three adding always the superior part. You will get so a rectangle that fold up in three parts, naturally in the sense of the length,  remembering to grease the part of pastry turns to you. At the end of the procedure you will have again four squares, as some handkerchiefs; overlap them to  two to two, brushing the squares that will stay under and leave to rest. You have to stretch the two sheets of dough and with a disk of pastry fill a greasy baking-pan. In a bowl you have to dissolve the ricotta with the whole eggs and beat the mixture with a fork adding the parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt and one of pepper. Mix to this dense cream the fiordilatte and the ham cut to short cubes and pour the all in the baking-pan. Cover with the remained sheet of dough and cook to vivacious fire for about an hour. Serve it warm.


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