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400 gr of flour, 3 eggs more two yolks, grated peel of a lemon, 2 spoons full of sugar, 40 gr. of butter, salt, 300 gr. of honey, 150 gr of cocozza, colored bonbons of silver, oil to fry, 150 gr of sugar, cedar and peels of candied orange

Mix the flour with the sugar, the eggs, the butter, the grated peel of the lemon and a pinch of salt, work well it and leave to rest it for two hours. Taking one piece of it at a time, form some sticks of the thickness of middle centimeter that you will cut to little stock cubes, you will slightly flour and you will fry, few for time, in abundant hot oil and at moderate heat. When they will be gilded, lift them and set them on a paper that absorbs the grease. Make to boil in a wide saucepan the honey and the sugar with 4 spoons of water. When the syrup will have taken a gilded colour, lowering the flame to the least, pour the struffoli with a part of the candied fruits and turn quickly and gently with a wood spoon so that they are covered of it. Upset them on a dessert plate repairing if necessary the form with the wet hands of water, and decorate them with the candied fruit and the bonbons. If you want  to accentuate the taste, add to the ingredients of the dough of flour also a spoon of pure alcohol.


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