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For the dough: 400 gr of flour, 30 gr of yeast, 30 gr of grated parmesan cheese, 100 gr of lard, salt, pepper in abundance. For the stuffing: 100 gr of salami, 120 gr of smoked provola, 50 gr of emmenthal, 50 gr of seed-spicy provolone, 2 hard-boiled eggs. 

In a bowl dissolve the yeast with some lukewarm water; unite two fists of flour, form a loaf and let to leaven it covered for about half an hour. Verse on the table the flour, and, in the centre, work the raised loaf with a pinch of salt, the pepper, the lard and the parmesan cheese. Helping you with a little of lukewarm water, incorporate the flour and work the dough with energy for at least 15 minutes. Form a little loaf and put it to grow for an hour and half. In the meantime you cook the two hard-boiled eggs and cut at little stock cubes the salami and the cheeses. Deflate the pastry beating it on the table with the hands, flatten drawing of it one sheet of dough of a centimeter of thickness and distribute on the whole surface the stuffing of cheeses and salami adding to regular distance the segments of the hard-boiled eggs. You have to roll up the roll as a big cercle uniting well the extremities. Grease of lard a rather wide ring-shaped mould and put the tortano on it. You have to leave it to leaven two hours in a lukewarm place covered with a cloth. Then bake it for an hour, when it is cool you can serve it.


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